ICE 2015 & Looking Forward

From February 10th to 12th the Hudson Cutting team and Elitron were exhibiting at the International Converting Exhibition (ICE) 2015 in Orlando, Florida. Couldn’t make it down to see us? Read on for some of the highlights of the show! Don’t forget to check out for more information.


Hudson, Elitron's exclusive North American distributor, partnered with the company to showcase their Kombo T die-less cutting machine. The Kombo T, which capitalizes on the concept of "virtual dies," utilizes user-friendly software to accurately and efficiently cut material without the need of pre-made dies. It features a targeted vacuum surface to securly hold material in place, an automatic multi-tool cutting head for a variety of applications, and can even include a video projection system to display the cutting project directly on the material in a bright and high resolution live image.

Attendee Thoughts:

David Lees - President - Hudson Cutting Solutions

"The ICE 2015 show was a great success. The constant flow of interested individuals opened our eyes to the many uses and flexibilities of die-less cutting, and we had a great number of interested people we're looking forward to following up with. The Kombo T is a great way to keep up with new challenges the industry faces."

Daniele Gallucci - Elitron IPM S.r.l.

"The ICE show was a great start for the collaboration between Elitron and Hudson. Guests were drawn to the Kombo T and its potential; a confirmation that Elitron's technology is second to none. ICE 2015 was a great way to prepare for the future and showcase our cutting-edge machine."
The Kombo T can cut intricate patterns for complicated assembly, like this ant, cut just before the show began.

The Kombo T can cut intricate patterns for complicated assembly, like this ant, cut just before the show began.

Michael Mascola - Sales & Service Engineer - Hudson Cutting Solutions

"The buzz of the Elitron turned heads and gave them an opportunity to see the latest creation in the digital cutting world. Customers saw firsthand what our system could do, and began asking lots of great questions. I enjoyed seeing their genuine desire to learn, and demonstrating how we can best solve their unique business needs. After many great conversations and demonstrations, we walked away with several customers requesting samples of their own material be cut on the machine. The Elitron die-less cutting system was a great success for both the show attendees and for Hudson Cutting."

Gian Paolo Lombardo - Cutting Consultant - Hudson Cutting Solutions

"The tradeshow was a great way for Hudson Cutting Solutions to show off it’s 100+ years of industrial cutting experience. The steady flow of interested individuals helped make our first public showing of the Elitron Kombo T a real success. It was great to be able to demonstrate the cutting versatility of the Elitron Die-Less Cutting System and to receive so much interest from the many visitors who stopped by the Hudson booth. I’m proud to invite our anyone interested in learning more back to our headquarters for a live demonstration on their own materials. We will also be happy to process the materials of those who can’t make the trip."


Interested in learning more? Check out Hudson Cutting's site for more information. Want to see a sample of your own material cut with extreme precision on the Elitron Kombo T? Fill out the form to request a visit to see the machine in person at our headquarters. If you can't make it in person, fill out the form and send us some sample material and a design.