Bringing over 400+ years of collective experience, IPSUMM is uniquely positioned as one of the best in the industry. It brings together unsurpassed thought-leaders and innovators to converge on projects and meet the needs of each and every market and client. Ranging from simple engineering to state-of-the-art tool design/ manufacturing, and robotics, we have built our company around the idea of being able to turn any idea into a reality. Our personnel comes from diverse geographic backgrounds and across a huge variety of industrial markets (including: pharmaceuticals, food, military, telecommunications, and more) and bring with them years of refined business practices to deliver the highest benefit and value to you.



IPSUMM corporate headquarters is based in Amesbury, MA. IPSUMM also has an 18,000 sq ft facility located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Some additional operations and services are provided in separate locations around the globe.

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